16 de abril de 2024

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10 engaging Business English Lesson Plans …

Dear fellow Business English teachers,

Here´s a list of 10 engaging Business English Lesson Plans. Each one comes with accompanying audio and an audio script. I hope you find them helpful!

A HECTIC SCHEDULE – WORKING OVERTIME TO MEET DEADLINES (B2 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/a-hectic-schedule-working-overtime-to-meet-deadlines/


A NEW SUPPLIER – I GOOGLED THEM AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT? (B2 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/a-new-supplier-i-googled-them-and-guess-what-i-found-out/

TECHNOLOGY – HEADING TOWARDS ANOTHER BIG REVOLUTION (B2 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/technology-heading-towards-another-big-revolution-yet/

INNOVATION – THINKING OUT OF THE BOX (B2 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/innovation-thinking-out-of-the-box/

A DREAM JOB – WHAT IS IT LIKE? (B2 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/a-dream-job-what-is-it-like/

THE NEW GADGET – A PARADIGM SHIFT! (B2/C1 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/the-new-gadget-a-paradigm-shift/

CORPORATE RELATIONSHIPS – A CONFLICT WITH THE NEW REGIONAL MANAGER (B2/C1 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/corporate-relationships-a-conflict-with-the-new-regional-manager/

MAKING PRESENTATIONS – DID THEY THROW YOU ANY CURVEBALLS? (C1 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/making-presentations-did-they-throw-you-any-curveballs/

SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS – WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE ONE? (C1 level students) https://www.faletudoemingles.com.br/httpwww-faletudoemingles-com-brp83/successful-entrepreneurs-what-does-it-take-to-be-one/

José Roberto A. Igreja is the author and co-author of several ELT books, including:

Talking Business – José Roberto A. Igreja / Disal Editora

Fluent Business English” – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young, Disal Editora

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LET´S TALK ABOUT IT! – The Ultimate ELT Conversation Book

600 Phrasal Verbs (with Jonathan T. Hogan)

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