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A dream job – What is it like?

A DREAM JOB – WHAT IS IT LIKE? Here´s a new dialogue. Listen to Josh talk to Rhonda about his new job. Vocabulary: LAND A JOB – PERKS – OPENINGS – COMPENSATION PACKAGE – KEEP SOMEONE POSTED – MARKETPLACE – DRESS CODE.  An activity meant for B2 level students . Hope you like it!


Dialogue comprehension – True, False or I don´t know?

  1. The company where Josh works is looking for someone with advanced computer skills.  True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  2. Rhonda is looking for a new opportunity in the marketplace.  True ___ False ___ I don´t know _
  3. Josh is very happy about his new job.  True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  4. The dress code where Josh works is formal.  True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___

Find words or expressions in the dialogue that mean the same as:

  1. Benefits beyond regular pay: _______________________________
  2. Fail to see or consider; ignore: ______________________________
  3. The world of business and commerce: __________________________
  4. A set of rules specifying what you can wear for a particular occasion or place: ____
  5. The salary and other benefits that an employee receives: ____________________
  6. Every day: _______________________________
  7. Get something desirable such as a job or an opportunity: ___________________
  8. A school in a university where students who already have a first degree can study for a master´s degree or a doctorate: _______
  9. Leave: ______________________________
  10. An available job or position: ____________________________
  11. Keep you informed: __________________________

Business vocabulary & expressions – Match the words and expressions below to the definitions.

  1. RESIGN     2. GRAND OPENING      3. CURRENCY        4. RÉSUMÉ                                                                              5. GO PUBLIC     6. WORKFORCE      7. BONUS      8. ORGANIZATION CHART

A. A diagram showing the management structure of a company. _______
B. Additional pay given to employee as incentive or reward. _______
C. Sell shares of a privately owned company to the public. _______
D. Money used in a particular country. _______
E. Give up a job or position formally. _______
F. Summary of one´s academic qualifications and work experience. _______
G. Official opening of a new business. _______
H. The workers employed by a company. _______

Gap filling  

          BONUS      ORGANIZATION CHART      GO PUBLIC     WORKFORCE              

          CURRENCY            RÉSUMÉ          GRAND OPENING             RESIGN                        

  1. About one third of the company´s ______________ was laid off as a result of the financial crisis.
  2. “How many people do they plan to invite for the ________________ of the new store?”, Patty asked Dana.
  3. The Australian dollar is the ________________ in Australia.
  4. “Have you heard the news? The head honcho promised us a ___________ if we reach the sales goals for the quarter.”, Louis told a coworker.
  5. “I was not surprised when I heard Mario had ______________ from the company since I knew he had plans to start his own business.”, said Alex to a friend.
  6. “That company seems to be doing really well since they _____________.”, Jim told a colleague.
  7. “So, I see from your _______________ that you have almost 5 years of managing experience. Can you tell me a little more about it?”, the interviewer asked Jane.
  8. The ____________________ of a company lays out exactly in what position each person is in each department.

Listen & Write & Answer – Write the questions you listen to and then choose the right answer.


1. _________________________________________________?

a. They´ve been doing it.
b. He´s planning to start a new company.
c. We got two new clients recently, so things are looking up.
d. Let´s check and see what´s going on there. 

2. _________________________________________________?

a. There might be some openings right now.
b. No, not really. We still need to take care of some details.
c. It´s been set for Thursday at 5 pm.
d. That would be okay. 

3. _________________________________________________?

a. They´re currently importing from China.
b. We spent about five hundred bucks there.
c. I think you got a good deal.
d. I have no idea. Why don´t you ask Gregory? He might know.

4. _________________________________________________?

a. Sorry, I can´t talk to you now, but Gary will tell you all about it.
b. I don´t like that game so much.
c. We plan to visit them later today.
d. No, it´s not just a game people play.

DIALOGUE SCRIPT: A dream job – What is it like?

Rhonda: I heard you landed a dream job. So, tell me, what is it like?
Josh: Uh, well, I can´t really complain, I mean, I´ve just been working at this new company for a couple of weeks, but I guess I can honestly say it feels great.
Rhonda: Good for you! What´s the compensation package like? It must be pretty attractive, huh?
Josh: Yeah, the compensation package is quite generous as a matter of fact, it´s actually above average if compared with companies in the same segment in the marketplace.
Rhonda: Sounds great! And the perks? I bet they offer great perks, don´t they?
Josh: They do. They will even pay for graduate school once you´ve been with the company for over two years. But you know, I guess one of the best perks at this new company really is the informal environment and the friendly atmosphere.
Rhonda: I see, I guess people often overlook that, uh? So, is the dress code informal?
Josh: It is. Most people there wear casual clothes on a daily basis, even my director likes to dress informally.
Rhonda: I wonder if they have any openings right now, I have a friend who happens to be looking for a new opportunity and this company seems to be a great place to work.
Josh: I´ll tell you what, I´m making a lot of friends there so I´ll see if I can find out about new openings and I´ll keep you posted.
Rhonda: That´d be great! Thanks Josh!
Josh: You´re welcome Rhonda! Well, I have to get going now. Talk to you later.
Rhonda: Sure Josh, take care!

TALKING BUSINESS – Author: José Roberto A. Igreja/Disal Editora

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