25 de maio de 2022

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A dream job – What is it like?

A DREAM JOB – WHAT IS IT LIKE? Here´s a new dialogue. Listen to Josh talk to Rhonda about his new job. Vocabulary: LAND A JOB – PERKS – OPENINGS – COMPENSATION PACKAGE – KEEP SOMEONE POSTED – MARKETPLACE – DRESS CODE.  An activity meant for B2 level students . Hope you like it!


Dialogue comprehension – True, False or I don´t know?

  1. The company where Josh works is looking for someone with advanced computer skills.  True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  2. Rhonda is looking for a new opportunity in the marketplace.  True ___ False ___ I don´t know _
  3. Josh is very happy about his new job.  True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  4. The dress code where Josh works is formal.  True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___

Find words or expressions in the dialogue that mean the same as:

  1. Benefits beyond regular pay: _______________________________
  2. Fail to see or consider; ignore: ______________________________
  3. The world of business and commerce: __________________________
  4. A set of rules specifying what you can wear for a particular occasion or place: ____
  5. The salary and other benefits that an employee receives: ____________________
  6. Every day: _______________________________
  7. Get something desirable such as a job or an opportunity: ___________________
  8. A school in a university where students who already have a first degree can study for a master´s degree or a doctorate: _______
  9. Leave: ______________________________
  10. An available job or position: ____________________________
  11. Keep you informed: __________________________

TALKING BUSINESS – Author: José Roberto A. Igreja/Disal Editora

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