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CORPORATE RELATIONSHIPS – A conflict with the new regional manager

This Educational Dialogue brings some cool words & expressions used in the Corporate World + some other expressions used on a daily basis:



Dialogue comprehension – True, False or I don´t know?

  1. Bill is the only one in his department who´s not happy about the new regional manager. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  2. Gary shows sympathy and is willing to help. True ___ False ___ I don´t know _
  3. Bill is planning to change jobs soon. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  4. According to Gary the new regional manager needs to adapt to their corporate culture. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___

Focus on words & expressions – Find words or expressions in the dialogue that mean the same as:

  1. Closely observing and controlling in a detailed manner the work of one´s employees: _____________
  2. Putting pressure on me: ______________________________
  3. Someone with an obsessive need to exert control over situations and people: ____
  4. Annoying: __________________________
  5. The values, behavior and dress code of a corporation: _______________________
  6. Honest; open: _______________________________
  7. Telling someone about something that has been annoying you: _______________
  8. Is something wrong?; any problem?: ____________________________________
  9. Prudently; showing good sense or good judgment:_________________________

Business vocabulary & expressions – Match the words and expressions below to the definitions.

  1. IN CHARGE OF     2. DEMANDING     3. PLAY HARDBALL       4. PEER                                                            5.BOSS AROUND     6. CALL THE SHOTS     7. EAGER BEAVER      8. LAID-BACK

A. Give orders; make the decisions. _______
B. A person who is hardworking and enthusiastic. _______
C. Responsible for. _______
E. Someone who belongs to the same professional group as another person. _______
F. Calm and relaxed; easy-going; not worried about things that need to be done. ____
G. Work or act aggressively, competitively or ruthlessly. _______
H. Requiring a lot of attention, time or resources. _______
I. Give orders, esp. in an unpleasant way; keep telling someone what to do. _______

Gap filling 

    BOSS AROUND           LAID-BACK            DEMANDING           EAGER BEAVER               

    IN CHARGE OF            PLAY HARDBALL            PEER         CALL THE SHOTS                        

1.“I need to talk to the person _______________ accounts payable please.”, said Mr. Smith over the phone.
2. “Is your new boss very _____________________?”, Carla asked a friend.
3. “The new manager has a very aggressive style. I don´t think he will put up with _______________ employees.”, said Martha to a coworker.
4. Some people believe you have to _________________ to move up the corporate ladder.
5. “If you want to talk business you have to see Nicholas. He´s the one who _________ around here.”, said Dave to the newcomer.
6. ”I wish you would stop ________________ me ____________.”, said Jill to a coworker.
7. Ronald seems to have a good rapport with his __________.
8. The new sales rep gets to work early every morning. He´s a real __________ .

 Listen & Write & Answer – Write the questions you listen to and then choose the right answer.

  1. _________________________________________________?
    a. Sure, they have to wear a uniform every day.
    b. No, I don´t have to wear a suit and a tie to work.
    c. It´s pretty casual and I like it that way.
    d. Yes, we do have casual Fridays.
  2. _________________________________________________?
    a. No, that won´t bother me at all.
    b. Uh, OK, maybe I´d better get it off my chest.
    c. Sure, all the bugs have been ironed out.
    d. I agree. Doing that was a pain in the neck to say the least.
  1. _________________________________________________?
    a. Sorry, I haven´t finished the report yet.
    b. I don´t know who he reports to.
    c. Of course I did. I e-mailed it to you in the morning.
    d. I do. We get along fine.
  1. _________________________________________________?
    a. He´s demanding, but he´s also very considerate and supportive.
    b. Sure, I´ve already been introduced to him.
    c. I did. I met him last Tuesday.
    d. I don´t think I agree with his managing style.

Audio Script: CORPORATE RELATIONSHIPS – A conflict with the new regional manager

Gary: Hey Bill, how´s it going?
Bill: Not bad, I guess.
Gary: You don´t sound very enthusiastic. Is something the matter?
Bill: Well, since you´re asking me I guess I´ll just be plain with you.
Gary: Sure, getting it off your chest will do you good. So, what´s bugging you?
Bill: The new regional manager. I still haven´t gotten used to him breathing down my neck all the time, you know.
Gary: Really?
Bill: Yeah, he´s such a control freak! Honestly, I think he´s micromanaging way too much. I just wish he would use his time more wisely and let us work in peace.
Gary: I had no idea he was like that. Do the other people in your department feel the same?
Bill: Pretty much so.
Gary: You know Bill, the company he used to work for has a different corporate culture, and he´s been here for just a couple of weeks. Maybe he needs some more time to get used to the way we work here.
Bill: I guess!
Gary: I´ll tell you what, I´ll talk to our human resources director and see what we can do about this. I´m sure Michael can take care of it. He´s a great conflict manager.
Bill: Gee Gary, that would be great! Thanks a million!
Gary: You´re welcome Bill!

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