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If your school or publishing company is looking for high-quality and up-to-date digital or print ELT content then look no further. We have materials available for all levels and are constantly working on new ones. Check out the sample content below meant for A1 level students.

Introducing ONLINE ENGLISH BASIC 1, the new digital-age communicative series

How do babies learn a language? They spend on average the first eighteen months of their lives just listening to their parents and the people around them. A lot of listening input is necessary! That´s why the dialogues presented throughout this online series play such an important role in helping students acquire the language.

Dialogues are basically language in motion. They are vibrant and lively. It all comes together in a dialogue: vocabulary (idioms, phrasal verbs, slang); structures and the context and intonation providing a helping hand and making it easier for students to grasp the gist of what is said.


But how can we do that?

By exposing students to meaningful realistic language in a fun and captivating way.

By engaging them through an interesting variety of activities, making sure all the content presented and the four skills of the language are practiced, recycled and consolidated.

Recycling is crucial. Students must be exposed to the same subject matter over and over and in different ways so they can start to feel comfortable and familiar with the content they have been studying

One key point in facilitating students´ acquisition of the language is the syllabus: what to teach first and how to gradually introduce content that will help students better understand how the language works.

We have taken all these aspects into account when designing the ONLINE ENGLISH BASIC 1 series project.

What can teachers and students expect from the ONLINE ENGLISH BASIC 1 series?

Intended for the young adult and adult learner, this new digital-age series offers the best e-learning practices.

Students will listen, speak, read and write from the very first class and in every class. A carefully planned syllabus with lots of meaningful input that is sure to speed up language learning by getting students engaged.

Online Program activities guarantee comprehensive practice of all the content presented during online classes. Each topic presented is recycled and consolidated regularly and constantly through a good variety of interesting and engaging activities. Learning takes place naturally, anywhere and anytime.

A new paradigm – The ONLINE ENGLISH BASIC 1 series at a glance …

  • Carefully-planned syllabus combined with the benefits of online instructional interactions.
  • Realistic and meaningful input sparks students´ interest, gets them engaged and facilitates language acquisition
  • Integrated Online Student Book and Workbook.
  • Digital Pictures help teachers explain vocabulary and grammar more easily and vividly throughout the series by making use of target language only.
  • Plenty of practice offered in Online Program activities making it easy for students to recycle and consolidate content.
  • Innovative: a trendsetter!

Sample online activities

Book 1 – Unit 1

Grammar and vocabulary: Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
Reading: Activity 4
Listening: Activity 5 Activity 6 Activity 7


Reading – Activity 4

Sarah is talking to Brenda at Melissa´s house. Read the dialogue and click on True or False for the statements below.

Sarah: Hi, I´m Sarah Miller. What´s your name?
Brenda: Brenda. Nice to meet you Sarah!
Sarah: Nice meeting you too! Where are you from Brenda?
Brenda: Seattle, I´m Melissa´s friend. I´m here for her birthday.
Sarah: Ah, I see.
Brenda: Do you live here in Houston?
Sarah: I do. Actually I´m Melissa´s neighbor. Do you see that white house over there?
Brenda: Yeah.
Sarah: That´s where I live with my husband and daughter.
Brenda: Really? That´s nice. How old is your daughter?
Sarah: She´s twelve. She´s at school now.
Brenda: Good! I have a son, he´s nine years old.
Sarah: Is he here?
Brenda: No, he´s with his father back home.
Sarah: Do you have a job in Seattle?
Brenda: I do. I´m a part-time photographer.

True or False?

  1. Sarah´s last name is Taylor. True False

Statements pop up one at a time …

    1. Brenda is a full-time photographer. True False
    2. Sarah is Melissa´s neighbor. True False
    3. Brenda´s son is ten years old. True False
    4. Sarah is single. True False
    5. Melissa and Sarah live together. True False
    6. Brenda´s son is in Seattle. True False
    7. Brenda and Sarah are in Houston now. True False
    8. Sarah´s daughter is twelve. True False
    9. 10. Brenda is from Miami. True False

Listening – Activity 7

For the teacher: This activity aims to recycle nationalities and occupations in a lively way. It also incorporates “names” and “last names”. Students should get used to usual names and last names from the very beginning since they sometimes fail to understand what is said because of a name/last name that comes up at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence.

Listen to the people talk about their names, nationalities and occupations. Drag the words to the correct places.




1 – PLAY Hello there! I´m Barry Parker and I´m from Los Angeles. I´m a student here in L.A. L. A. is a great place to live!


2 – PLAY My name´s Jessica. I´m a vet. I´m from Sidney, Australia and I love animals. I have three pets!


3 – PLAY Hi! My name is Yuzuki. I was born in Japan, but I live in Australia now. I´m a flight attendant and I love my job!


4 – PLAY Hi! I´m Michael Sanders and I´m Canadian. I´m a tour guide here in Toronto. I speak English and French.


Book 1 – Unit 2

Vocabulary: Activity 8 Activity 9

Grammar and vocabulary: Activity 10 Activity 11 Activity 12

Reading: Activity 13

Listening: Activity 14 Activity 15 Activity 16

Reading – Activity 13

Mark meets Priscilla at a party. Read the conversation.

Mark: Hi, I´m Mark Spencer. What´s your name?
Priscilla: Priscilla. Nice to meet you Mark!
Mark: Nice meeting you too! Are you Gary´s friend?
Priscilla: Yeah, we work together at Michigan High.
Mark: So, you´re a teacher?
Priscilla: Yes, I am.
Mark: What do you teach?
Priscilla: Geography.
Mark: Oh, that´s nice.
Priscilla: What about you? What´s your occupation?
Mark: I´m a chemical engineer.
Priscilla: Do you live here in Michigan?
Mark: Oh no, I´m just visiting. I´m from Colorado. I live in Denver.

Now read the statements below and click on True, False or I don´t know.

  1. Priscilla isn´t Gary´s friend. True False I don´t know

Statements pop up one at a time …

  1. Mark´s last name is Spencer. True False I don´t know
  2. Denver is in Colorado. True False I don´t know
  3. Priscilla is married. True False I don´t know
  4. Mark is a photographer. True False I don´t know
  5. Priscilla is a chemistry teacher. True False I don´t know
  6. Mark is single. True False I don´t know
  7. Priscilla and Gary work together. True False I don´t know

Listening – Activity 14

Listen to Ronald talk about himself and his family and click on the right answer.

Static image: Ronald, his wife, the kids and the pets!

PLAY Hi! My name´s Ronald Rivers. I´m thirty-six years old and I live in a big house in Chicago. I´m married and I have two kids. My son Brian is seven years old and my daughter Lucy is ten. They go to school by bus every day. My wife´s name is Pamella. She´s an architect. She´s not home now. She´s working. I´m a vet. I work in a veterinary clinic downtown. I love animals. I have a car, but I go to work by subway every day. I use my car on weekends to go to the supermarket and take my kids to the park. We have three pets. A dog, a cat and a bird. The children are playing with the dog now. Sorry, I have to go to work. See you later. Bye!

1 of 10 questions

Questions pop up one at a time … Student clicks on NEXT

  1. Ronald is …

twenty-six years old. thirty-three years old. thirty-six years old.

  1. The Rivers live in …

New York. Chicago. Las Vegas.

  1. Pamella is …

an architect. a web designer. a veterinarian.

  1. The kids go to school …

by car. by subway. by bus.

  1. What´s Pamella doing now?

She´s reading. She´s working. She´s driving.

  1. The Rivers have …

three pets. no pets. two pets.

    1. What are the kids doing now?

They´re studying. They´re playing with the cat. They´re playing with the dog.

  1. Ronald is …

a veterinarian. an accountant. a musician.

  1. Lucy is …

seven years old. ten years old. twelve years old.

  1. Is Ronald working now?

Yes, he is. No, she isn´t. No, he isn´t.

Book 1 – Unit 3

Vocabulary: Activity 17

Grammar and vocabulary: Activity 18 Activity 19 Activity 20

Reading: Activity 21

Listening: Activity 22 Activity 23 Activity 24

Listening – Activity 24

Listen to the people talk about who they are in the family tree below. Drag the names to the correct places.

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