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Technology – Heading towards another big revolution!

Dear fellow teachers and educators,

5G TECHNOLOGY IS COMING OUR WAY AND BRINGING ALONG MANY CHANGES! Here´s a timely reading activity meant for B2/C1 level students that briefly explains the concept of IoT – Internet of Things. Another aspect explored here is 3D PRINTING, which is bound to change many industries as we know them. Enjoy!


Jake: Man, it´s amazing how technology is changing the way we do business. These are really exciting times!
Howard: You can say that again. I find it hard to keep up with all the new gadgets and apps that are popping up all the time now.
Jake: I know! You just reminded of the taxi driver I talked to the other day. I was really surprised when he told me most of his passengers now contact him through an app. From what he told me it seems to be a very ingenious and helpful one.
Howard: Yeah, there are apps for just about anything now. They are making people´s lives easier in many ways. Now, something else that´s really cool is 3D printing.
Jake: I agree. I think the impact of 3D printing on our daily lives will be massive. Can you imagine being able to print objects in the comfort of your home?
Howard: Yeah, it´s crazy!  3D printing is bound to change many industries as we know them. Take the automobile industry for example. Medicine will also benefit greatly from 3D printing. I read an article about it the other day. Researchers are already using three-dimensional printing to create models of the human heart so that doctors can use them to better help patients before an operation.
Jake: Wow, seems like we´re heading towards another big revolution!
Howard: We are in fact heading towards another technological stage. They´re calling it the Internet of Things.
Jake: The Internet of Things?
Howard: Yep, it´s a new concept that basically describes the trend that all devices, services and appliances will be someday interconnected.
Jake: Really? Sounds like a sci-fi movie.
Howard: I know, but I guess it will be real someday!

Dialogue comprehension – True, False or I don´t know?

  1. Both Jake and Howard are excited about the impact of technology in the workplace. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  2. According to the dialogue 3D printing will probably not affect businesses and medicine that much . True ___ False ___ I don´t know _
  3. Howard thinks technology is making people´s lives harder. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  4. Jake goes to work by taxi every day. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___

Find words or expressions in the dialogue that mean the same as:

  1. Small electronic devices or appliances: _______________________________
  2. Huge; very large in amount or degree: ______________________________
  3. Science fiction: __________________________
  4. At some future time: ___________________
  5. An application (computer program) especially one designed for a mobile device. ___
  6. You are right; that’s true (to agree with a statement):_______________________
  7. The process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model: ____
  8. Very clever; innovative: __________________________________
  9. Certain or destined to: ______________________________
  10. Moving toward: ______________________________

Referência: Talking Business – Autor: José Roberto A. Igreja,  Disal Editora

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