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Advanced Vocabulary Booster 2 + Practical Exercises (for C1 level students)

ADVANCED VOCABULARY BOOSTER 2 + PRACTICAL EXERCISES (for C1 level students). This time we´re going to focus on the following 10 words: BOND (n.) – CURB/ED/ED (v.) – RISQUÉ (adj.) – NITPICK/ED/ED (v.) – SCRUFFY (adj.) – MUSE/D/D (v.); (n.) – FRAIL (adj.) – CONTENDER (n.) – FLAUNT/ED/ED (v.) – PRONE (adj.)

1. BOND (n.): an emotional connection or union; a uniting force joining two or more people; a link

Ex. “Yeah, it´s true we´re best buds. We´ve had this close bond ever since we were classmates at grade school.”, explained Jim.

2. CURB/ED/ED (v.): to hold back; to refrain; to control or limit something

Ex. Economic crises have always curbed consumer spending.

3. RISQUÉ (adj.): slightly indecent; sexually suggestive; spicy

Ex. “Look at Joe! Seems like he can´t take his eyes off Lucy´s risqué skirt.”, Ben told Nick at the party.

4. NITPICK/ED/ED (v.): to criticize small unimportant details

Ex. “I hate the way Norman is always nitpicking. I think he should focus on the big picture and forget about details.”, Rex told Alice.

NITPICKER (n.): someone who finds fault in small unimportant details

Ex. “I can´t stand Daisy´s obsession with details. She´s a nitpicker and I think everyone knows that.”, said Jefferson to a friend.

5. SCRUFFY (adj.): shabby; untidy

Ex. “Please, don´t wear one of your old scruffy T-shirts to the party tonight.”, Steffany told Bill.

6. MUSE/D/D (v.): to reflect deeply on a subject; to ponder

Ex. Gregory sat in his office quietly, musing on the possibility of expanding his business overseas.

MUSE (n.): an artist´s source of inspiration

Ex. Deborah was not only the painter´s lover, but his muse as well.

7. FRAIL (adj.): physically weak or unhealthy

Ex. The old man had gradually become forgetful and frail.

8. CONTENDER (n.): someone who competes with other people; a contestant; a competitor

Ex. “That wrestler thinks he can defeat his contender easily, but I wouldn´t be so sure about it.”, said Mick to a friend.

9. FLAUNT/ED/ED (v.): to display one´s possessions ostentatiously; to show off

Ex. “Harry is not the kind of guy who flaunts his wealth. He´s always kept a low profile and he does live a simple life.”, said Angela to a friend.

10. PRONE (adj.): having a tendency; inclined to; predisposed to

Ex. Margaret is often on a diet as she´s prone to gaining weight.


I – Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with a word presented in Advanced Vocabulary Booster 2.

1. “It´s true Ruth has a lot of money, but I´ve never actually seen her ___________ it.”, Nigel told a friend.

2. “That room hasn´t been cleaned in a long time and I´m afraid it´s dusty. You´d better not go in there since you are allergic and _____________ to sneezing.”, Jane advised Thomas.

3. “We´d better dress up to go to that night club tonight. They won´t let us in if we show up in our usual ripped jeans and ________________ T-shirts.”, Matthews told Jim.

4. Donald couldn´t get to sleep and found himself _______________ over what Claire had told him in the morning.

5. “We needed to get Mr. Wilkins a wheelchair as he was too _____________ to walk.”, Joey told Rita.

6. “They´ve been through some tough times together and that seems to have made them form a strong _______________ between them.”, Chrissie told Jill.

7. Not being able to ______________ her emotions, Amanda broke down and cried.

8. “We´re all tired of your sexually suggestive ______________ jokes. They´re just not funny anymore.”, Brian told Gary.

9. “I don´t know how Monica can put up with her annoying husband. He ____________ about everything.”, said Juliet to a friend.

10. “I think Moses is a serious ______________. He´s been training regularly and is in great shape.”, Phil told Richard.

II – Matching: Find the most appropriate definition for each word in the left-hand column.

1. Flaunt ____                                  a. reflect deeply on a subject

2. Bond ____                                    b. slightly indecent

3. Muse ____                                    c. display one´s possessions ostentatiously

4. Risqué ____                                 d. criticize small unimportant details

5. Nitpick ____                                 e. an emotional connection or union

III – Choose the synonym.

1. Frail

a. weird       b. frivolous       c. weak       d. fault

2. Scruffy

a. shabby       b. tidy       c. bald       d. husky

3. Contender

a. accomplice       b. competitor       c. defender       d. undertaker

4. Prone

a. ready       b. bent       c. predisposed       d. steady

5. Curb

a. expose       b. unveil       c. release       d. refrain

Key to Exercises

I – Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with a word presented in Advanced Vocabulary Booster 2.

1. flaunt       2. prone       3. scruffy       4. musing       5. frail       6. bond       7. curb       8. risqué       9. nitpicks       10. contender

II – Matching: Find the most appropriate definition for each word in the left-hand column.

1. c        2. e        3. a       4. b       5. d

III – Choose the synonym.

1. c        2. a        3. b       4. c       5. d

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