15 de julho de 2024

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The Gherkin

One of the most iconic buildings in London: 30 St Mary Axe, popularly known as the “Gherkin”. A great example of high-tech architecture.

But why gherkin? Why did this well-known building get this nickname? A gherkin is basically a pickled miniature cucumber. The cutting-edge cucumber-shaped building is located in London´s primary financial district, The City of London, and is home to many offices and companies as well as restaurants and bars.

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Let's Talk About It!: The Ultimate ELT Conversation Book (English Edition) por [Jose Roberto A. Igreja]

600 Phrasal Verbs (with Jonathan T. Hogan)

Talking Business

How do you say … in English?

Fluent Business English (with Robert C. Young)

What to say when …?

False Friends

English for Job Interviews (with Robert C. Young)

American Idioms! (with Joe Bailey Noble III)