15 de julho de 2024

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Working from home

Dear all,
Many of us are working from home, myself included!
Here´s a dialogue I wrote a while back on the subject, it´s actually called “WORKING FROM HOME”. Click the link below to listen to Andy talk to Frank about his experience working from home. Can you relate to it? Pay attention to the following vocabulary that comes up in the dialogue: SKIP (verb), UPSIDE (noun), COMMUTE (verb and noun!), TREND (noun) and WORKPLACE (noun). This is a cool listening activity you can do with your students since “Working from home” seems to be a trending topic these days. Enjoy!


Working from home – Vocabulary Check

Skip/skipped/skipped = avoid doing something
“I think I’ll skip dessert. I’m full!”, said Berny at the table.
Upside = positive aspect of a situation; advantage
“One of the upsides of this new job is that it’s a lot closer to where I live,” said Alan to a friend.
Commute/commuted/commuted = travel to and from work
Sean usually commutes by bike.
Focus/focused/focused = concentrate on something
“I find it hard to focus on my work with all this noise,” said Jean to a coworker.
Trend = general direction in which something tends to move
Jane knows all about the latest trends in fashion.
Workplace = the places where people work
Women play a major role in the workplace.
We should be always improving safety standards in the workplace.

Referência: “Fale Tudo em Inglês nos Negócios!” – José Roberto A. Igreja, Disal Editora.

José Roberto A. Igreja is the author and co-author of several ELT books, including:

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