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We can always talk shop over lunch

Click on the link below to listen to the dialogue “We can always talk shop over lunch”.



Check if the sentences below are true or false:
1. Sam turns down Tyler´s invitation for lunch as he´s already eaten at the company cafeteria. True __ False __
2. Sam and Tyler agree to meet in the afternoon to talk about the financial spreadsheet. True __ False __
3. The workload in Sam´s department has not increased at all in the past few months. True __ False __
4. Sam thinks hiring a new assistant for his department is a good idea. True __ False __
5. Tyler seems to be a good boss. True __ False __

Listen to the dialogue again and find words that mean the same as:
a- Self-service restaurant: ________________________________
b- The amount of work that a person has to do: ______________________________
c- Talk about work or business during free time: ____________________________
d- A computer program for financial calculations: ____________________________
e- No excuses: _____________________________
f- Decline an invitation now, suggesting you will accept it later: _________________
g- As soon as possible: __________________________
h- Very busy: _________________________________
i- Eat some food or a small meal: __________________
j- I haven´t seen you in a long time: ___________________________
k- Refuse: ____________________________________________

Dialogue script -We can always talk shop over lunch!

Tyler: Hey Sam, long time no see!. How´s it going?
Sam: Pretty good sir. I´m actually very excited about the new project.
Tyler: Great, you do sound excited! Listen, we´re going to Olive Garden for lunch today, would you like to come along with us?
Sam: I´m afraid I´ll have to take a rain check sir. I´m swamped with work. I think I´ll just grab a bite to eat at the company cafeteria. By the way, I was meaning to talk to you about something.
Tyler: Sure, if it´s not that urgent I can drop by your office in the afternoon.
Sam: Actually I think there´s no need for that, I just need to clear up some items on the financial spreadsheet we worked on last week. It´ll probably be easier if I e-mail it back to you with my doubts.
Tyler: Good idea, I´ll check on that spreadsheet first thing when I´m back from lunch and get back to you ASAP. By the way, I´ve noticed that the workload in your department has increased considerably over the past few months. No wonder you´ve been turning down all my lunch invitations. I think we should consider hiring a new assistant to help you guys  out.
Sam: Well, sir, since you are touching on the subject I have to say I´d really appreciate it, I think the department would really benefit from some extra help.
Tyler: Good, I´ll bring it up on our next board meeting, and Sam, you´re going out to lunch with us today. I want no ifs ands or buts, This is not an invitation, it´s an order! After all, we can always talk shop over lunch.
Sam: Well sir, I guess I just can´t say no. Thanks a lot!

Source: “Fluent Business English” – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young, Disal Editora

José Roberto A. Igreja is the author and co-author of several ELT books, including:

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