25 de janeiro de 2022

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I think I´ll pass on dessert

Click the link below to listen to the dialogue “I think I´ll pass on dessert” and then do the activities that follow.


Dialogue comprehension– True, False or I don´t know?

  1. Doug is trying to lose weight. True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  2. Todd offers to pay for lunch since Doug is out of money. True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  3. According to the dialogue Todd is a picky eater. True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  4. Todd is meeting a classmate after lunch. True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____

Combine the two columns below to find out the meaning of words and expressions in the dialogue “I think I´ll pass on dessert”.

  1. Yummy _____                              a. Ready
  2. Shed a few pounds_____           b. Food
  3. Fit _____                                       c. Pay for something
  4. Work out _____                           d. Full
  5. Kind of _____                               e. In shape
  6. I´m headed _____                       f. Lose weight
  7. Stuffed _____                               g. Do physical exercise
  8. All set _____                                 h. Sort of; a little
  9. Catch someone´s eye _____      i. Delicious
  10. Grub _____                                   j. I´m going
  11. Joint _____                                   k. Get someone´s attention
  12. Pick up the tab _____                 l. Place

Referência “Fale Tudo em Inglês AVANÇADO” – Autor: José Roberto A. Igreja, Disal Editora

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