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Could you drop the jargon, please?

Jargon can get in the way of communication sometimes! Listen to this dialogue to find out how and while you´re at it pay close attention to these words and expressions: HAVE AN EDGE OVER – SHRINK (noun) – FIRE UP THE TROOPS – WRAP UP

I – Click the link below to listen to the dialogue “Could you drop the jargon, please?” and fill in the blanks.


Roy: So, what about the two (1) _______________ you interviewed this morning? Are they any good?
Liza: Yeah, George and Ryan. They´re both qualified and experienced. George seems to be the typical (2) _______________, you know.
Roy: Alpha male? (laughing) (3) _______________ what you´re talking about. I´m not one of your (4) _______________ (5) _______________, so could you, please,drop the jargonand elaborate on that?
Liza: (laughing) Oh, sorry, what I meant by alpha male is that he´s sel-confident and unafraid to make mistakes. Alpha males are also natural leaders and often see the positive side of things.
Roy: Humm, so he´s (6) _______________ and optimistic, right? Would you say he´s also a bit arrogant?
Liza: No, I wouldn´t say that. I mean, some alpha males can be pretty arrogant sometimes, but I don´t think it´s George´s case.
Roy: Good! Seems to me that we need someone with this profile for the position, someone bold who can lead his team, you know, someone who can (7) _______________!
Liza: I agree. George definitely (8) _______________ over the other applicants interviewed (9) _______________. We still have to schedule an interview with one more applicant though.
Roy: Do we? Let´s do it (10) _______________then! The sooner we (11) ________the process the better!
Liza: Sure, Roy. I´ll take care of it (12) _______________when I get back to my office.
Roy: Thanks, Liza!

II – Now find words or expressions in the dialogue with the same meaning as:

  1. Has an advantage: ____________________________________
  2. Confident; fearless; courageous: ___________________________
  3. A psychiatrist or psychologist: ____________________________
  4. Motivate people: ________________________
  5. Before anything else; right away: __________________________
  6. Finish something: _________________________________
  7. Candidates: ____________________________________
  8. I have no idea: _____________________________________
  9. As soon as possible: ___________________________________
  10. A man who behaves in a confident way: _____________________
  11. Being of the same group or occupation; someone involved in the same activity: __________
  12. Until now: _______________

Key to Exercises

I – Listen to the dialogue “Could you drop the jargon, please?” and fill in the blanks.

  1. applicants        2. alpha male       3. I don´t have a clue        4. fellow       5. shrinks        6. bold                                 7. fire up the troops        8. has an edge        9. so far         10. ASAP          11. wrap up         12. first thing

II – Now find words or expressions in the dialogue with the same meaning as:

  1. has an edge            2. bold        3. shrink        4. fire up the troops       5. first thing        6. wrap up                       7.  applicants        8. I don´t have a clue      9. ASAP        10. alpha male       11. fellow        12. so far

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