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Advanced Vocabulary Booster 3 + Practical Exercises (for C1 level students)

Dear fellow ELT professionals,

ADVANCED VOCABULARY BOOSTER 3 + PRACTICAL EXERCISES (for C1 level students). This time we´re going to focus on the following 10 words: WITTY (adj.) – OUST (v.) – DEBRIS (n.) – LURE (v.) – UPSCALE (adj.) – RELISH (v.) – GREGARIOUS (adj.) – PLIGHT (n.) – MAYHEM (n.) – LAVISH (adj.)

1. WITTY (adj.): clever and funny

Ex.: “Gregory´s witty remarks seem to have entertained everyone at the meeting today.”, said Howard to a friend.

2. OUST/ED/ED (v.): to eject by force or authority from a country or state; to expel; to cast out

Ex.: The dictator was ousted in a military coup in 1972.

3. DEBRIS (n.): the remains of something destroyed; wreckage

Ex.: A large area of the city was covered by dust and debris after the earthquake.

4. LURE/D/D (v.): to attract; to entice

Ex.: Advertisers are always trying to lure consumers to buy their products.

5. UPSCALE (adj.): fashionable and expensive; high-class; intended for affluent consumers

Ex.: “Wow, just look at those houses! This is definitely an upscale neighborhood.”, Gary told his wife as they drove around.

6. RELISH/ED/ED (v.): to enjoy greatly; to get great pleasure or satisfaction from something

Ex.: “We relished every minute of our vacation. We had a great time really.”, Ruth told Jerome.

7. GREGARIOUS (adj.): sociable; enjoying the company of others

Ex.: Karina has always been a gregarious person. She loves to spend time with friends.

8. PLIGHT (n.): a difficult, unfortunate or sad situation

Ex.: The plight of the refugees was a moving scene.

9. MAYHEM (n.): a situation of great confusion, violence or disorder; chaos

Ex.: The police have been cracking down on the drunks who cause mayhem in the downtown area.

10. LAVISH (adj.): luxurious; impressive; opulent

Ex.: “The hosts offered a lavish buffet. We had a great evening really.”, Samantha told Margaret.


I – Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with a word presented in Advanced Vocabulary Booster 3.

  1. “I wish I could afford to go to ____________ restaurants. I hear the food there is awesome.”, said Jerry to a friend.
  2. “I hate movies filled with cold-blooded murderers and ______________. I just can´t stand them.”, said Jill to a friend.
  3. “It´s no wonder Jake has a _____________ lifestyle. He comes from a well-off family.”, said Mick to a friend.
  4. Everyone looked forward to attending professor Hoover´s ______________ and informative speech.
  5. Anyone who violates the rules will be ______________ from the group.
  6. Rescuers worked twenty-four seven digging through the _____________ in search of survivors.
  7. “We need to figure out a way to _____________ more customers into our store.”. said Dan to his partner.
  8. “You know I ______________ our time together. I´m sure I will miss you when you leave.”, Gary told Rita.
  9. Ray is an outgoing and ______________ guy. He´s always surrounded by friends.
  10. Benjamin does volunteer work for an NGO that tries to relieve the ____________ of the homeless.

II – Matching: Find the most appropriate definition for each word in the left-hand column.

  1. Relish ___            a. clever and funny
  2. Oust___                b. attract; entice
  3. Plight___              c. enjoy greatly
  4. Lure___                d. unfortunate or sad situation
  5. Witty___               e. expel; cast out

III – Choose the synonym.

  1. Gregarious
    a. rowdy            b. violent             c. touchy           d. sociable
  2. Mayhem
    a. harbor             b. chaos            c. stallion            d. bliss
  3. Upscale
    a. ravishing            b. altered             c. high-class           d. applicable
  4. Debris
    a. leftover            b. insole           c. commotion            d. wreckage
  5. Lavish
    a. forsaken           b. polished           c. luxurious           d. untamed

Key to Exercises

I – Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with a word presented in Vocabulary booster 3.

  1. upscale      2. mayhem      3. lavish       4. witty      5. ousted    6. debris    7. lure    8. relish     9. gregarious    10. plight

II – Matching: Find the most appropriate definition for each word in the left-hand column.

  1. c       2. e       3. d       4. b       5. a

III – Choose the synonym.

  1. d          2. b         3. c        4. d        5. c

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