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Slang to talk about money

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Break the bank: make one financially broke

“The 2008 financial crisis broke the bank for us,” Joe told a friend.

“Going out for dinner once in a while won’t break anybody’s bank,” Audrey told Josh.

Suck one dry: drain all one’s money

“My credit card expenses are sucking me dry,” said Jim to a friend.

Eating at expensive restaurants can suck anyone dry.

Buck: dollar

“How many bucks did you pay for your new smartphone?” Jeff asked Tim.

“Can you lend me twenty bucks? I’ll pay you back tomorrow,” Mick asked Sam.

Grand: one thousand dollars

“I spent about a grand on this computer,” Nick told a friend.

Ronald sold his old car for five grand.

K: one thousand dollars

 “I think a used car will cost you around 5K,” Jeff told Mike.

“I just can’t believe Joe’s making 20K per month now,” said Ron to his friends.

Flat broke: out of money

“I’m flat broke. Do you think you could lend me twenty bucks?” Josh asked Dave.

“I can’t afford a new skateboard now. I’m flat broke,” Todd told Dick.

Hard up: in need of money; broke

Dave was so hard up he couldn’t afford to buy a sandwich.

“It’s amazing how Jeff’s life has changed. Some years ago he was a hard up student who didn’t have a clue what he’d do with his life,” said Michael to a friend.

Make a fast buck: make fast and easy money

Some people go to the racetrack and bet on the horses hoping to make a fast buck.

“Man, I’m broke. I gotta find a way to make a fast buck,” Dick told Philip.

Make a bundle: make a lot of money

“Harold made a bundle as a stockbroker back in the 90’s, but lost most of it during the recent financial crisis,” Jill told her friends.

“They are making a bundle selling these eco-products,” Bill told a friend.

Make a killing: make a lot of money quickly and with little effort

“You will make a killing if you sell your company to those Spanish investors,” Jeremy told Brian at the meeting.

I hear they’re making a killing selling those high-tech gadgets,” Bill told a coworker.

Inglês de Rua – American Slang – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young, Disal Editora.

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