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The new gadget – A paradigm shift!

THE NEW GADGET – A PARADIGM SHIFT! Here´s an engaging listening comprehension activity meant for B2/C1 level students. Vocabulary & Expressions: STATE-OF-THE-ART, FEASIBLE TIMELINE, TECH TEAM, THE CLOCK IS TICKING, HIT THE SHELVES, UP AND RUNNING, YOU NAILED IT!  Enjoy!


Dialogue comprehension – True, False or I don´t know?

  1. Brian is the CTO of the company. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  2. Roger doesn´t sound very excited about their new product. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___
  3. Their new product is not quite ready yet. True ___ False ___ I don´t know _
  4. The company Roger and Brian work for is at the forefront of digital technology. True ___ False ___ I don´t know ___

Find words or expressions in the dialogue that mean the same as:
a- Viable; capable of being done: _______________________________
b- At the most advanced stage of something: _______________________
c- Interest or attract someone: __________________________
d- Time is going by quickly: __________________________
e- A plan that shows when something should happen and how long it will take: _____
f- Important aspects of something: _______________________________
g- The possibility of future success: _______________________________
h- Actively working; functioning: ______________________________
i- Small electronic device or appliance: ______________________________
j- Something very successful: ____________________________
k- You got it right!; that´s exactly it: __________________________
l- Very modern; at the highest level of development: ______________________
m- You are right; that’s true (to agree with a statement): ___________________
n- Hurrying can cause people to make mistakes: ________________________
o- Your idea is right: _____________________________
p- Close friend; buddy: ______________________________
q- Arrive in the stores; be available for sale: __________________________
r- The time when the usual way of doing something changes completely; a radical change in ideas or beliefs: _______

Talking Business – José Roberto A. Igreja / DISAL EDITORA


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