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A visit to the plant

Click the link below to listen to the dialogue “A visit to the plant” and then do the activities that follow:


Dialogue comprehension
1. The cleanliness of the plant has not impressed James at all. True __ False _
2. Getting the plant people to wear safety equipment was pretty easy. True __ False __
3. The plant shuts down for maintenance once a month. True __ False __
4. The turnover rate at the plant used to be higher than it is now. True __ False __
5. According to the plant manager they have a problem with people calling in sick very often. True __ False __

Find words or expressions in the dialogue with the following similar meanings:
a- Until now: ________________________________
b- A device to protect the ears from loud noises: _____________________________
c- Protective glasses: ____________________________
d- The state of being absent from work: ________________________________
e- A period of work time in a factory or other place: ____________________________
f- The amount of a product or service that a customer is willing to buy: _____________
g- The places where people work: __________________________
h- Stop operating: _________________________________
i- Inactive: __________________
j- The rate at which employees leave a company and are replaced: _______________
k- Call one’s place of work to say you are ill and cannot come to work: ____________
l- Introduce into the mind: ____________________________________________
m- Happen; occur: _________________________________

Referência: “Fluent Business English” – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young, Disal Editora

José Roberto A. Igreja is the author and co-author of several ELT books, including:

LET´S TALK ABOUT IT! – The Ultimate ELT Conversation Book  / Available on UICLAP as well


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