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Bail out – Check out 3 important meanings for this Phrasal Verb!

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BAIL OUT – Check out 3 important meanings for this Phrasal Verb!

1. to set someone free by paying bail (tirar alguém da cadeia pagando fiança)

After Richard had spent a few hours in jail, his lawyer arrived and bailed him out.
Depois que Richard passou algumas horas na cadeia, seu advogado chegou e o liberou pagando fiança.

2. to help someone out of a difficult situation, often by giving them money (socorrer alguém, freqüentemente fornecendo ajuda financeira)

A group of entrepreneurs decided to bail out the small company to prevent it from going bankrupt.
Um grupo de empresários decidiu ajudar a pequena empresa, fornecendo ajuda financeira para impedir que ela falisse.

3. to jump out of an airplane with a parachute in an emergency. (pular de pára-quedas de um avião em caso de emergência)

When the pilot noticed his plane had been hit, he decided to bail out.
Quando o piloto percebeu que seu avião tinha sido atingido, ele decidiu pular.

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