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Vacation time: I heard you went to the Disney resorts …

Click the link below to listen to the dialogue “I heard you went to the Disney resorts” and then do the activities that follow.


Comprehension questions    

  1. Where did Neil go on vacation? Did he enjoy himself there?
  2. Has Tony ever been to any of the amusement parks at the Disney resorts?
  3. What does Neil usually do when he goes there?
  4. Doesn’t Neil sometimes feel tired after so many rides?

Find words or expressions in the dialogue that mean the same as:

1. I haven’t seen you in a long time ______________________
2. A park with many rides and other attractions ______________
3. Going to ______________
4. Implore ______________
5. Enormous ________________
6. Stimulating _______________
7. Large; substantial ______________
8. Mechanical device ridden for amusement _____________
9. Try to prevent something from happening ____________
10. Desire or want to do something _____________

Audio Script: I heard you went to the Disney resorts

Tony: Hey Neil, long time no see. How are you?
Neil: Just fine Tony. How about you?
Tony: Very well. I heard you went to the Disney resorts on your vacation. So, how was it?
Neil: Great! I always have a wonderful time when I go there. Have you ever been to any of the amusement parks in that complex?
Tony: No, never, but I’m planning to go there sometime soon.
Neil: Yeah, you should do that. I’m sure your kids are gonna love it.
Tony: I know, they’ve been begging me to go there for a while now. So, the amusement parks there are huge, aren’t they?
Neil: They are! You can actually get lost inside them if you’re not careful.
Tony: Wow, sounds exciting. What do you usually do when you go there?
Neil: Well, we often get up early and have a hearty breakfast, you need a lot of energy to enjoy the rides, so you’d better avoid going there on an empty stomach. We also try to get to the parks just before they open so we can be the first ones to get inside.
Tony: Don’t you sometimes feel tired after so many rides?
Neil: You do a little, but after a short rest you feel like starting all over again!

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