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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Here´s a new LESSON PLAN for B2/C1 students: WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS, OR DOES IT? It includes the sections Pre-listening questions, Dialogue comprehension, Vocabulary check  and Discussion. Hope you like it!

Pre-listening questions

  1. What comes to mind when you hear the words Las Vegas?
  2. Do you like to gamble? Have you ever been in a casino? If so, describe the experience.
  3. What sort of games do you enjoy playing? How often do you play them?

Tiffany has just got back from Vegas. She´s now talking to Ryan about what she and her two friends (Marcy and Alexia) did there. Click the link below to listen to the dialogue and then do the activities that follow.


Dialogue comprehension

  1. Tiffany and her friends enjoyed the night life in Vegas.  True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  2. Ryan likes gambling.  True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  3. Marcy and Alexia did not sleep at all on their flight back from Vegas.  True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  4. Ryan has been to Vegas recently.  True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____

 Vocabulary check – Combine the two columns below to find out the meaning of words and expressions in the dialogue.

  1. Tan_____    a. Enormous
  2. Got in_____    b. Intelligent
  3. JFK_____    c. Do something you have not had time to do
  4. Cool_____   d. A famous slogan in modern tourism marketing that has helped attract visitors to Las Vegas
  5. Gamble_____    e. Arrived
  6. Slot-machine_____    f. Open one´s mouth wide and take a long deep breath due to tiredness
  7. Bright_____    g. Very good; great; nice
  8. Huge_____    h. A suntan; brown skin color caused by being in the sun
  9. Awesome _____    i. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport, located in New York City
  10. Yawn_____    j. A gambling machine that is operatedby the insertion of a coin in a slot
  11. Catch up on_____    k. Excellent; fantastic; outstanding
  12. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas _____    l. Play games of chance for money


1.  Is gambling addictive in your opinion? Can it become a social problem? Explain your answer.

2. How much would you be willing to spend in a casino?

3. “Gambling should be forbidden.” Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.

4. Do you ever buy lottery tickets? Can playing the lottery be considered a form of gambling?

5. Have you ever been to Vegas? If not, would you like to visit someday? Why/Why not?

This Lesson Plan has been written by José Roberto A. Igreja, based on Unit 7 of

“Fale Tudo em Inglês AVANÇADO” – Author: José Roberto A. Igreja, Disal Editora

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