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A funny cabbie

Dear fellow teachers,

Uber or taxi rides can be entertaining at times! Here´s a cool activity you can do with your B2/C1 students: A FUNNY CABBIE


Listen to the dialogue “A funny cabbie” and fill in the blanks in the exercise below.



Dan: (laughing)
Greg: What´s so funny?
Dan: Sorry, I just remembered something (1) _______________.
Greg: Something hilarious? Now I´m curious! Tell me all about it.
Dan: Me and Howard, we took a (2) _______________ downtown last night.
Greg: A taxi ride? Is that supposed to be funny?
Dan: No, the taxi driver was really funny. He had this really big nose and he kept talking (3) _______________ with this heavy accent. He really did look like Pinocchio.
Greg: I guess most (4) _______________ are good at making (5) _______________. So, he had a strong accent, right? Did you (6) _______________ where he´s from?Dan:No, we didn´t, I mean we tried to, but he wouldn´t let us talk. When we finally got to our destination he started telling us not to (7) _______________ the door on our way out. He must´ve asked us a thousand times “Would you, please, close the door (8) _______________ on your way out?”, he just (9) _______________  saying it with this funny accent.
Greg: Don´t tell me you slammed the door, did you?
Dan: No, we didn´t. We actually gave him a good (10) _______________ for the ride.
Greg: I think he deserved it. He was a great (11) _______________, right?
Dan:(12) _______________! We had a great time.


Now find words or expressions in the dialogue with the same meaning as:

  1. Continued; went on: ____________________________
  2. Carefully; in a gentle manner: _____________________
  3. Taxi drivers: ________________________________
  4. Someone who pleases or amuses people: ______________
  5. Unimportant chatter; chitchat: ____________________
  6. Shut a door violently and loudly: __________________
  7. Certainly; without any doubt: ____________________
  8. A gratuity; small amount of money given to someone for a service performed, in addition to the payment: _______
  9. A taxi: __________________
  10. Very funny: ______________
  11. Discover; learn; get to know: ______________
  12. Continually; without a pause: ______________


Dialogue Completion

  1. hilarious                     7. slam
  2. cab                               8. gently
  3. nonstop                       9. kept
  4. cabbies                        10. tip
  5. small talk                    11. entertainer
  6. find out                       12. definitely

Follow-up Vocabulary Exercise

  1. kept                        7. definitely
  2. gently                     8. tip
  3. cabbies                   9. cab
  4. entertainer            10. hilarious
  5. small talk              11. find out
  6. slam                       12. nonstop

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