24 de junho de 2024

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Seems like you’re a real fitness freak!

Dialogue: Seems like you´re a real fitness freak!

Mick: Hi Sheila, I haven’t seen you in a long time. How’ve you been?
Sheila: Pretty good! Hey, you look like you’re in great shape. Have you been pumping iron?
Mick: As a mater of fact I’m just coming from the gym. I had an amazing workout session under the supervision of my personal trainer and I must say, I feel like a million bucks!
Sheila: My congrats! You do look well-toned! What do you do to keep fit?
Mick: A little of everything I guess. Push-ups, sit-ups, you name it. I also run on the treadmill for about twenty minutes after every workout session.
Sheila: Wow, seems like you’re a real fitness freak, aren’t you? How often do you go to the gym?
Mick: I try to go every day, but you know, sometimes I’m too busy and I can’t make it. I do miss it though. What about you? Don’t you work out at all?
Sheila: No, not really. I know I should. I’m starting to put on a little weight and I think doing some physical exercise would really do me good.
Mick: Sure Sheila, you will feel a lot healthier once you start working out regularly. You can take my word for it! Well, I gotta take off now, I’m late for work.
Sheila: Thanks for the tip Mick! You might see me at the gym sometime soon!
Mick: That’d be great! See you around, take care!
Sheila: Bye!

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Vocabulário útil: Em boa forma física – Useful vocabulary: In shape

Abdominal: sit-up
Academia: gym; fitness center
Aeróbica (ginástica): aerobics
Agasalho esportivo: jogging suit; tracksuit
Avaliação física: fitness evaluation
Correr: go jogging; go running
Em boa forma física: fit/ in shape
Exercício físico para melhorar a forma, ginástica: workout
Fazer exercício físico, “malhar”: do physical exercise; work out
Flexão: push-up
Personal trainer: personal trainer
Tênis: sneakers
Treinador, técnico: coach
Treino: practice

Referência: “Guia Prático para a comunicação em inglês”- José Roberto A. Igreja, Disal Editora.