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Let´s give him the red carpet treatment!

Read the dialogue below “Let´s give him the red carpet treatment!” and do the activities that follow:

Dean: Guess who’s coming for dinner tonight?
Keith: I don’t have a clue. Who are you talking about?
Dean: Simon. Simon Gardener. Remember him?
Keith: Sure I do. Gee, I haven’t seen him since high school. It’s been about four years now.
Dean: I know, I told him we were roommates. He’s excited about meeting you too.
Keith: Have you been in touch with him lately?
Dean: I ran into him at Mike’s diner last Tuesday. He was grabbing a bite to eat during his lunch break. He’s been working at an advertising agency not far from there.
Keith: Small world! No wonder he’s in adverstising!  He’s always been very creative.
Dean: That’s right. The funny thing was when I first saw him I couldn’t recognize him immediately, but when he came towards me with an open smile, I knew there was no doubt.
Keith: Does he look any different?
Dean: He does, you know, fatter and he’s wearing a goatee now.
Keith: What else? Has he gotten married yet?
Dean: No, but I guess he will soon. He’s been dating this girl for about two years now. From what he told me it seems they are going steady.
Keith: Good! It will be great to see him. So, what are we cooking for dinner then?
Dean: I thought maybe some pasta. By the way, he’s bringing Karen, his girlfriend, he wants to introduce her to us.
Keith: Sounds like he’s in a really serious relationship. Hey, why don’t we call Steve? I’m sure he’ll be glad to join us.
Dean: Good idea! Why don’t you give him a call while I go to the deli on the corner. I still need to buy a couple of things.
Keith: All right! I’ll do that. Let’s give Simon the red carpet treatment!
Dean: That’s right! I guess we all deserve it!

Dialogue comprehension

1. Keith is not at all interested in meeting Simon. True __ False __
2. Dean met Simon at Mike’s diner by chance. True __ False __
3. Simon looks just like he used to in high school. True __ False __
4. Simon is coming to Keith and Dean’s house by himself. True __ False __
5. Simon and Karen have been married for two years now. True __ False __

Language check  –  Find words in the dialogue that mean the same as:

a- A small pointed beard on the chin but not the cheeks: _____________________
b- Date one person exclusively and regularly: _____________________________
c- Delicatessen: a store that sells foods such as cheeses, types of cold meat, salads, sandwiches and other ready-to-eat food: ___________________________
d- Treat someone in a special way: ____________________________________
e- I have no idea: ______________________________
f- Be in contact with: ____________________________
g- Meet someone unexpectedly: ___________________________
h- Eat some food or a small meal: ________________________________
i- Something you say when you meet someone unexpectedly: ________________
j- It is not surprising: _________________________________

Referência: “Fale Inglês como um Americano” – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young, Disal Editora.

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