18 de junho de 2024

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Inglês de Rua – American Slang

Dear all,

Our new book Inglês de Rua – American Slang (authors: José Roberto A. Igreja and Robert C. Young) is out!
317 pages of “real English” and fun like you´ve never seen before.
It took us a long while to pull this one off, lots of research and careful analysis to get together only the very best: up-to-date and usual terms like THE NEW BLACK; WHAT THE FUCK; BREAK BAD; CUT SOMEONE SOME SLACK; FLIP THE BIRD; COCKBLOCK; BADMOUTH; A NO-NO; SELFIE … (over 900 slang terms!)
A great book to stay current with what Americans are saying these days.

Check out the table below for some examples:

“Common/Regular English” – Colloquial/Slang term

              overeat                                      pig out; stuff one’s face

             courageous; brave                  ballsy

            small problem                           kink

           breasts                                         hooters; boobs; tits

           food                                              chow; grub

          plan of action                             game plan

          dirty                                              grubby

          navel                                            belly button

         my fault; my mistake               my bad

         sunglasses                                    shades

         a high price                                  top dollar

Referência: Inglês de Rua – American Slang – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young, Disal Editora.  

Note: Now also available as an ebook!