26 de junho de 2022

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New Routes #77 (Digital Magazine)

This post goes out to my fellow Brazilian teachers of English. And translators & interpreters as well! The latest issue of New Routes Magazine (digital) is out and it´s packed with great articles! You can check out my column HOW DO YOU SAY IN ENGLISH? on page 20. In this issue: ATO FALHO, “RAPIDINHA”/SEXO FEITO ÀS PRESSAS, QUITAR/SALDAR UMA DÍVIDA, UM EMPRÉSTIMO, ETC. ,TIRAR CONCLUSÕES APRESSADAS, À TODA/EM PLENA ATIVIDADE, MIXARIA/MUITO POUCO DINHEIRO e SÓSIA.

And if you missed my previous post A DELIBERATE TEASER you can check it out here in the blog. A reminder:  “ … Even the paperback comes with built-in technology (deliberately meant to pique your curiosity). Unlike anything you´ve seen before. Coming soon. Stay tuned. Will keep you all in the loop!”

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