24 de junho de 2024

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600 Phrasal Verbs – New edition

Dear all,

It´s true that the original was great, but it´s even better this time around! It´s been enlarged and now that it´s more comprehensive it´s bound to be more helpful to anyone who wants to improve their English and sound more native-like.

What am I talking about? The new edition of our Phrasal Verbs book (authors Jonathan T. Hogan and José Roberto A. Igreja)

600 phrasal verbs - como falar inglês como um americano

We´ve carefully selected 150 new phrasal verbs to add to this new version of the book. (ex. Swing by; Bundle up; Throw in; Screw over; Divvy up; Crack down on; Tide over; Go down on; Iron out …)

Besides clear-cut definitions, you can also count on realistic example sentences that reflect the way Americans express themselves on a daily basis. The exercise section has also been increased: 10 new sets of exercises that will hopefully help you consolidate your learning.

 Phrasal Verbs do have a “ubiquitous nature” and I´m now quoting the article I wrote back in 2004, named “Phrasal Verbs: You just can´t do without them!” click here to go to article.

We do hope this new enhanced version of the book will live up to your expectations and help you get to grips with a key-area of the language: Phrasal Verbs.


José Roberto A. Igreja

José Roberto A. Igreja has a BA in English and Literature from PUC/SP. He is the author and co-author of several ELT books, including:

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