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Practical Activities with Phrasal Verbs for B2/C1 students – EPISODE 1

As you know, Phrasal Verbs play a major role in the English  language. These activities are meant to help our B2/C1 students come to grips with them. This time we are going to focus on the following 10 Phrasal Verbs: TOP OFF – CLAM UP – PAN OUT – ACT UP – CRACK DOWN ON –  SCREW OVER – HACK INTO – STORM OUT – FILL IN ON – FILL IN FOR

I – Meaning/Explanation of the Phrasal Verbs + Example Sentences

1. Top off: refill
Ex.: “I love coming to this snack bar for breakfast. The waitresses are cute and they always top off my coffee every few minutes.”, said Harry to a friend.

2. Clam up: stop talking suddenly or refuse to talk about something
Ex.: “When we asked Howard why Susie had not come with him he just clammed up.”, Connie told a friend.

3. Pan out: turn out well
Ex.: “Don´t worry! Everything will pan out fine, you´ll see!”, George told Simon.

4. Act up: a. misbehave; act in a silly or improper way
Ex.: Babysitters have to be very patient since kids often act up.

b. fail to function properly
Ex.: “My computer has been acting up again. It´s already shut itself off a couple of times today.”, Denzel told a friend.

5. Crack down on: deal with bad or illegal behavior severely; take severe measures against something considered undesirable
Ex.: “It seems that the police is launching a new campaign to crack down on traffic offenders.”, said Edward to his wife as he read the newspaper.

6. Screw over: treat someone unfairly; take advantage of someone; cheat someone
Ex.: “Seems like Gary´s ex-wife really screwed him over.”, said Barry to a friend.

7. Hack into: break into a computer system or network
Ex.: “It looks like someone´s hacked into the company´s intranet and altered some data.”, said Brian to a coworker.

8. Storm out: leave a place angrily
Ex.: Cathy got mad and stormed out of the room when Patrick told her she was a pampered girl.

9. Fill in on: inform or supply with information
Ex.: “Can you fill me in on what happened last night?”, Gregory asked a friend.

10. Fill in for: substitute for someone temporarily
Ex.: “Who´s going to fill in for Marcy while she´s away on vacation?”, Thelma asked the head of the department.

II – Exercise 1: Fill in the short dialogues below with phrasal verbs 

 Mini-dialogue 1

Melanie: Hey Bart, why the long face? Is something the matter?
Bart: Yeah, I just feel so damn depressed!
Melanie: Gee, do you want to tell me what happened and get it off your chest?
Bart: I got _______________ by someone I thought was my friend.
Melanie: Really? I´m so sorry for you. Seems like we can´t trust anyone these days, can we?

 Mini-dialogue 2

Stephanie: What was the shouting all about?
Ruth: Ryan´s had another heated argument with the head honcho.
Stephanie: Really?
Ruth: Yeah, he _______________ of his office in a rage. He hasn´t talked to anyone since then.

Mini-dialogue 3

Waitress: Can I _______________ your coffee, sir?
Customer: No, thanks! I´ve had enough. Can you, please, bring the check?
Waitress: Sure, sir. It´ll just be a minute.
Customer: Thanks!

Mini-dialogue 4

Ron: So, did you guys have a good time last night?
Dave: We did. The new bowling alley is great.
Ron: Too bad I couldn´t make it. Did Sandra show up with her new boyfriend?
Dave: She did. We finally got to know Brian. He´s a cool guy really.
Ron: Is he? I´m looking forward to meeting him sometime soon. What about Emily, was she there?
Dave: Uh, listen, Ron, Barbara´s here, she wants to talk to you.
Ron: Great! I think she can probably _______________ me _________ the latest gossip! Talk to you later Dave.
Dave: Sure Ron!

Mini-dialogue 5

Tim: Do you happen to know a good mechanic?
Jeff: Uh, let me think, yeah, I think I know a good one. Are you having any trouble with your car?
Tim: I am, it´s been _____________ lately. I need to find out what´s going on.

III – Exercise 2: Click the link below to listen to the phrasal verb sentences and write them.

  1. __________________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________________________________
  5. __________________________________________________________________


Fill in the short dialogues below with phrasal verbs 

Mini-dialogue 1: screwed over
Mini-dialogue 2: stormed out
Mini-dialogue 3: top off
Mini-dialogue 4: fill me in on
Mini-dialogue 5: acting up

Listen to the phrasal verb sentences and write them.

  1. The criminals had hacked into the bank´s computer system and tried to steal money.
  2. I wish the police would crack down on the drug addicts that hang out in this neighborhood.
  3. They had to hire a new assistant to fill in for William while he was away on sick leave.

4. Joey clams up when he´s around too many people. I think he does that out of shyness.

  1. It sounds like a good business plan. I hope it pans out!

Ref. FALE TUDO EM INGLÊS AVANÇADO – Autor: José Roberto A. Igreja / Disal Editora

José Roberto A. Igreja is the author and co-author of several ELT books, including:

LET´S TALK ABOUT IT! – The Ultimate ELT Conversation Book  / Available on UICLAP as well


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