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Nothing like a good night´s sleep!

I – Click the link below to listen to the dialogue “Nothing like a good night´s sleep” and then do the activities that follow.


II – Dialogue comprehension–True, False or I don´t know?

  1. Gabe´s roommate is a sleepwalker.True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  2. Terry´s younger brother used to walk in his sleep. True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  3. Luke jumped off the balcony of his apartment.True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____
  4. Gabe is planning to move to another apartment.True _____ False _____ I don´t know _____


  1. Kind of_____                                    a. Sometimes; occasionally
  2. Snore_____                                       b. Urinate
  3. Oughta_____                                    c. Strange; odd
  4. Recharge your batteries___           d. Sort of; more or less; a little
  5. Once in a while_____                      e. Sleeping deeply
  6. Keep one´s fingers crossed___      f. A platform that is connected to the side of a building and surrounded by a low wall
  7. Sleepwalker_____                            g. Not sleeping
  8. Take a leak_____                              h. Breathe noisily while you are sleeping
  9. Balcony_____                                    i. Someone who walks around while they are sleeping
  10. Weird_____                                        j. Rest in order to get back your strength and energy
  11. Awake_____                                       k. Ought to; should
  12. Fast asleep_____                                l. Hope strongly that something will happen

IV – DIALOGUE  SCRIPT – Nothing like a good night´s sleep

Terry:Hey, Gabe,are you all right? You look kind of upset.
Gabe:I´m okay, I´m just sleepy.
Terry: Sleepy, huh? Did you have trouble sleeping last night?
Gabe: I did, I mean, actually I usually sleep pretty well every night, but my roommate sometimes snores way too loud and that can really interfere with my sleep.
Terry: I see. Do you share the same bedroom?
Gabe: No, we don´t. We each have our own bedroom, but like I said, he snores so loudly that I can hear it clearly from my bedroom.
Terry: Wow, you oughta do something about it, I mean, it´s terrible when you can´t really have a good night´s sleep and recharge your batteries.
Gabe: Yeah, he´s going to see a doctor about it. Anyway, that only happens once in a while, when I´m really tired I can sleep through his snoring anyway, so I´m keeping my fingers crossed that it won´t happen again anytime soon.
Terry:Sure. You just reminded me of the time when I shared the bedroom with my younger brother Luke, back when we were teenagers.
Gabe: Did Luke use to snore too?
Terry: Oh, no! He was a sleepwalker!
Gabe: A sleepwalker?
Terry: Yep, I found out one night when I had to go the bathroom around 3 am to take a leak.
Gabe: Really?
Terry: Yeah, when I was in the bathroom I heard some noises coming from the living room and I got really scared.
Gabe: So was it your brother in the living room?
Terry: Yeah, but I had no idea what was happening then. When I went to the living room I saw him walking towards the balcony of our apartment and I asked him what he was doing there.
Gabe: Wow, what happened then? Did he answer you?
Terry: He didn´t. He just stood there looking through the window in a weird way. That´s when I realized he wasn´t awake.
Gabe: So, what did you do then?
Terry: I just led him back to bed and waited a little till he wasfastasleep again.
Gabe: Wow, what a story!

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