25 de maio de 2022

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Not ready to tie the knot just yet!

Click the link below to listen to the dialogue “Not ready to tie the knot just yet!” and then do the activities.

Dialogue comprehension

1. Are Claire and Richard satisfied with their relationship?
2. Does Richard plan to marry Claire someday?
3. What are Claire’s arguments for wanting to take their relationship to the next level?
4. How does Richard feel about it?
5. What do you think will happen eventually?

Language check –
Find words or expressions in the dialogue with the following similar meanings:
a- Do something before it should be done, before considering the situation carefully: __
b- Frighten; scare: ____________________________
c- Agree to get married: ____________________________
d- Do things gradually, step by step: ________________________________
e- Get married: ____________________________________
f- I’m very eager to hear what you have to say: ________________________

Referência: “Fale Inglês como um Americano” – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young  –  Disal Editora.

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