No pain, no gain!

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Click on the link below to listen to the dialogue “No pain, no gain!”


As you listen to the dialogue watch out for the words and expressions presented below.

All set = ready
Ex. “I’m all set. Let’s go!”, said Tony to a friend.
Grand opening = official opening of a new business
Ex. Many people were invited for the grand opening of the new store.
Around the clock = without stopping
Ex. The marketing team worked around the clock to finish the project on time.
Smoothly = with no problems or difficulties
Ex. “So, is everything running smoothly at the plant?”, Mr. Barns asked the plant manager.
Pay off = have profitable results; be worth doing
Ex. “I hope all this hard work pays off eventually!”, said Greg to a coworker.
Expansion = the process of making a business grow
Ex. “Thanks to our rapid expansion across the country our company has been offering many jobs in several departments,” explained Mr. Jones at the meeting.
Franchise = a right to sell a company’s products or services in a particular area using the company’s name
Ex.There are good business opportunities in the franchise world.
Profitable = yielding a profit
Ex. “It sounds like a profitable investment. Tell me more about it,” said Ray to a friend.
Franchisee = someone who is granted a franchise to market a company’s products or services in a particular area
Ex. “Do you know if that company is looking for franchisees in other areas of the country?”, Neil asked a colleague.
No pain, no gain = one has to work hard to get good results
Ex. Mick: It sure takes a lot of physical exercise to be in good shape.
Howard: I know! No pain, no gain, right?

Referência: Fale tudo em Inglês nos Negócios! José Roberto A. Igreja – Disal Editora   Clique aqui para conhecer este livro.


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