18 de maio de 2022

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Career in Sales – English for Job Interviews

Click on the link to listen to the job interview “Career in Sales” and then check out the vocabulary below.


Career in Sales – Vocabulary & expressions

Perks: something that you get from your work in addition to the money you are paid, such as a smartphone, a notebook computer or a car.
Niche: a job, activity, position or place that is very suitable for someone.
To overcome-overcame-overcome: to succeed in controlling or dealing with something.
Booming: growing rapidly.
To anticipate-anticipated-anticipated: to imagine or expect that something will happen.
We are keeping our fingers crossed: we are hoping that something will happen the way we want.
Boiling point: a situation when things get really difficult and people can no longer deal calmly with a problem.
Arena: sphere of activity.
To enable-enabled-enabled: to make it possible for someone to do something.
To head/headed/headed: to lead or be in charge of.
To accomplish/accomplished/accomplished: to succeed in doing something; to achieve.

Referência: “English for Job Interviews” – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young Disal Editora.

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