29 de novembro de 2021

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Career in Information Technology

Click on the link to listen to the job interview “Career in Information Technology” and then check out the vocabulary below.


Vocabulary & expressions – Career in information technology
Right off the bat: immediately.
Take pride in: do something carefully and well.
Impressive: outstanding; remarkable.
I’ve always been into computers: I’ve always enjoyed a lot computers.
Geek (inf.): someone who is not popular because they do strange things or do not know how to behave in social situations; nerd.
Computer freak (inf.): someone who is extremely interested in computers.
Altogether: completely; entirely.
Thorough: detailed; complete.
Precisely: exactly.
In the long run: later in the future.
To speed up/sped up/sped up: to make something move or happen faster.
Intranet: a computer network used for exchanging information within a company.
To envisage/envisaged/envisaged: to imagine or expect as a likely or desirable possibility in the future; to have a mental picture of.
Definitely: absolutely; doubtlessly.
Multitasker: a person who does several things at the same time.
On the move: busy and active; traveling from one place to another.
Set up a meeting: arrange a meeting; schedule a meeting.

Referência: “English for Job Interviews” – José Roberto A. Igreja e Robert C. Young Disal Editora.

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