Colloquial language

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Breaking up is never easy!

Ron: (angry) Geez! This place stinks of B.O.! Somebody open the goddamn windows for Chrissake!
Fred: Hey, take it easy Ron! What do you expect? This is a locker room and we´ve just finished playing, remember? There´s no need for you to be so grouchy!
Ron: Sorry Fred, this is not one of my best days.
Fred: We could all notice that. So, what the fuck´s eating you?
Ron: I broke up with Sheila last night. I mean, she fucking dumped me man!
Fred: That explains your violence out there. You nearly broke Jake´s neck. We were all wondering what had come over you.
Ron: I know I was a jerk and I shouldn´t be taking it out on you guys, but it´s driving me crazy!
Fred: You do sound miserable. Hey, take a seat. Let´s talk it over. You know, I have to remind you you´re not the only one who´s been dumped recently, remember? How long had you been dating Sheila?
Ron: About a year.
Fred: So, you two had a fight?
Ron: No, everything seemed to be fine. At least it was for me. I don´t get it!
Fred: Do you think she may have met someone else?
Ron: I don´t have a clue. I hope she hasn´t. I mean, I still think we can work things out and get back together soon.
Fred: Wish you luck buddy! Yeah, breaking up is never easy. I remember it took me a long while to get over Carla even though she treated me like a doormat!  I was such a sucker for her! You know how tough it was for me to find out she was cheating on me on my back all along, don´t you?
Ron: Yeah, I know you went through some very bad moments with her. Carla was such a slut to do what she did to you. I mean, she could´ve just left you before getting involved with someone else.
Fred: That´s the point Ron!  Who knows maybe Sheila needs some time on her own. One thing I can assure you is there´s life after you get dumped and you know I´m living proof of that.
Ron: Sure Fred. It´s just that I´m so fucking mad about what´s happened that I can´t really think straight.
Fred: I know Ron. It´s good that you´re getting it off your chest now. Hang on in there pal, everything is gonna be okay.
Ron: Thanks Fred, I guess I´m feeling better already!
Fred: Good. Come on, let´s take a shower and get out of here. I wanna hit the bar and meet some new chicks tonight. You should probably come along with us and do the same.

Decide if the statements below about the dialogue “Breaking up is never easy” are true or false:

1. Ron is mad because the locker room smells of body odor. True _____ False _____
2. Fred is living proof that there´s life after getting dumped. True _____ False _____
3. Sheila and Ron had a big fight. True _____ False _____
4. Carla had always been nice to Fred. True _____ False _____
5. Ron doesn´t think highly of Carla. True _____ False _____

Read the dialogue “Breaking up is never easy!” and find words or expressions that mean the same as:
I have no idea: ________________________________________________
2. Treated me very badly; “stepped on me”; abused me: __________________
3. Ended a relationship suddenly: _______________________
4. Very unhappy: ___________________________________
5. In a bad mood; irritable; easily annoyed: _________________
6. Stupid or foolish person; idiot: __________________________________
7. Angry: ________________________________
8. Annoying you; bugging you: ____________________________________________
9. I don´t understand: ________________________________
10. A room with lockers, esp. in schools or gymnasiums, where you can change clothes and store your personal belongings while playing sports: _____________
11. Overcome difficult emotional situations; “forget”: __________________________
12. Body odor: _________________________________________________
13. Young women: ________________________________________________
14. Releasing bad feelings such as anger, bad mood, etc. on someone: ___________
15. Someone who believes everything they are told and is easily fooled: ___________
16. Telling me what´s annoying you: ______________________________________
17. A close friend: _________________________________________________
18. She was unfaithful to me: __________________________________________
19. Think clearly: ________________________________________________
20. A sexually promiscuous woman; a whore: _________________

Referência: FALE TUDO EM INGLÊS AVANÇADO – José Roberto A. Igreja / Disal Editora

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